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 Many of  you search the translation times blog. Our search «Friend» Google recommended me the Translation Times as translators. Though I work as a translator it is rather interesting for me to examine such professional blogs. To be found quickly is the best  thing for each translator and translation agency in the Internet.

Judy and Dagmar Jenner as a pair of identical translating and interpreting sisters twins work in Spanish, German, English, and French (Dagmar only).  These professionals were born in Austria, grew up in a bilingual household in Mexico City, and  now they run their  translation practice, interpreting and copywriting business from Vegas and Vienna (Austria). In their Translation Times Blog they give tips on how to run a business in translation.

Translation Times Blog with its very informative and unique content attracts every coming customer and  the competitors.

Their interesting book about «Entrepreneurial Linguist» touches broadly the subject of freelance translators.
But we are not simply freelancers. Many of us are real entrepreneurs. Many of us are single outsourcers  working from time to time or on the permanent contract basis, and some are the translation agencies’ builders. The time comes and apart from the only text, you, as a professional in translation (and perhaps also in other professional realm), can go further and further in 2 ways:

  1. Deeper as a professional in raising your personal services’ quality and prices accordinly;
  2. Find another niche in translation without leaving your primary experience.

The theme of freelance translators that is dispensed in Translation Times Blog is very well understood for us. And I really like the idea of their book.

As for SEO,  I think that so far the Translation Times Blog does not need any SEO, though there some corrections should be done. Their website is just the first relevant one for the »Translation Times Blog» search.

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